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China manufacturer CZPT Arrow Professional High Torque Gearbox of Twin Screw Extruder Machine for Plastic and Rubber Industry manufacturer

Product Description


Product Description 

Wide Selection of Gearbox Products
The gearbox usually adopts a general design scheme, but in special cases, the design scheme of the gearbox can be changed according to the demands of the user, and it can be modified into an industry-specific gearbox. In the design scheme of the gearbox, the parallel shaft, vertical shaft, general box, and various parts can be changed


  • Absorption of very high torques and axial forces
  • No need for separate thrust housing & bearing.
  • Easy alignment (screw directly fits into the vore of gear box)
  • Easy to assemble & dismantle.
  • Very heavy duty spherical roller thrust bearing is provided.
  • Power saving. (you may save up to 20 % power.)
  • Less requirement of space.
  • For bigger sizes water cooling is provided 
  • No maintenance required except periodic oil level checking.
  • Higher productivity 



  • Twin Screw Extruder Gearboxes offer the dual shaft counter rotating. The range is available for various center distances
  • The gearboxes are available with co-rotating and counter rotating variants
  • To work under heavy loading force, the high level dissipation and oil lubrication system are provided. The axial roller type swivel thrust with the thrust bearing coupled in tandem way support the axial thrust
  • High torque and high speed output rate


Processing Characteristics of Screw Shaft:

1.Suitable suggestion on material to ensure components performance and extend lifetime of products.
2.Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping support.
3.All components are finished by CNC machine.
4.Sophisticated quality management system ensure superior quality.

Basic Info.

Warranty: 1 year Weight (KG):
500 KG
Place of Origin:
HangZhou, China
Gearing Arrangement:
Output Torque:
Heat treatment:
High-frequency Hardening
94%~98%(depends on the transmission stage)
Customized support:OEM ODM Input/output shaft material
Wooden case
Mount position:
Flange, hollow shaft, CHINAMFG shaft
After-sale:Online 24/7 Installation Xihu (West Lake) Dis. advantage:
excellent quality
Reduction radio:
Mount Position:
Horizontal Foot Mounted Vertical
Input Speed:
Output Speed:

Packaging & delivery

Packing: wooden case packing

Port: HangZhou Port  

X helical gear units for double-screw extruders with parallel drive shafts and the same direction of screw rotation are used mainly in the manufacture of granulates and the refining of raw plastics. Other areas of application include:

  • Paint and lacquer industry
  • Washing agent industry
  • Foodstuff industry (e.g. bread, pasta)
  • Animal-feed industry (dog, cat other animal food 

Maintenance of the gearbox of the dual-screw extruder
1. The gear box of the dual-screw extruder should be well-ventilated, and the working environment temperature should be within the range of 5-35 °C.
2. Always check the oil quantity of the gear lubricating oil in the box to ensure that the transmission parts in the box are well lubricated.
3. Pay attention to check the bearing parts of the box frequently. The oil temperature of the oil tank of the transmission box should not exceed 70 ºC during operation.
4. The newly put into use gearbox needs to replace the lubricating oil after 250 hours of operation. The oil change time depends on the state of the oil. It is recommended to replace it after 4000-8000 hours of operation or once a year.
5. The gearbox of the dual-screw extruder needs to be regularly maintained and inspected once a year 

Operating Process
1. The gear on the input shaft is driven by the motor and starts to rotate.
2. The rotating input gear meshes with other gears inside the gearbox, transmitting power.
3. Different-sized gears within the gearbox are combined to form a gear train. Through continuous meshing and rotation, the high-speed, low-torque power from the input shaft gradually converts into low-speed, high-torque output.
4. The output shaft is connected to the last gear and transfers the output torque to the load.
5. Gear reduction gearboxes typically include lubrication and cooling systems to ensure smooth operation and prevent overheating and damage.
6. Our extruder gearbox converts high-speed, low-torque power into low-speed, high-torque output by changing the size ratios and meshing arrangements of different gears, achieving the function of speed reduction.

Types of Gearboxes:
Based on customer requirements, gear reduction gearboxes can be classified according to the size of the output shaft, center distance of the output shaft, output speed, and torque. Alternatively, we can provide several commonly used types of gearboxes for customers to choose from.

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Company profile
ZheJiang Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales, application promotion of food engineering projects. As 1 of the largest scaled food processing equipment &whole plant engineering problem solvers in China, machines served for more than 970 companies, export to 116 countries, area, more than 20 years engineering team, we recognize that quality equals value, aims to create a great future together with global customers.



1.  Q: How about Arrow Machinery?

     R: ZheJiang Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech company. Our firm is composed of a strong  

        team which has substantial experience in R&D, manufacture, technique and sales service and has

        specialized in extruder industry for 10 years,leading screw barrel manufacturer in China.
2. Q:What’s Arrow machinery’s capacity? 
    R:Company is in strict accordance with CE and ISO9001 quality certification system.There are over 200

       models of extruders and spare parts. 

3. Q:What’s the delivery time? 

    R:For regular size, we have finished stock and semi-finished stock, 2 weeks max enough

        for customized, normally within 20days .

4. Q:How about the gearbox quality and price? 
    R: top quality in China with competitive price and globle after-sale service
5. Q:what’s the life time and guarantee buy from Arrow machinery ?
    R: 3~5years life time for nitriding ones and bimtallic ones will be longer 
        One year min. Guarantee.
6.Q:Where is Arrow Machinery factory and how to reach there? 
   R:NO.47 Chengbohu Road, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District,HangZhou City, China. You can take the train or plane to HangZhou and we can pick        you up.
7.Q:How to contact with you? 
   R:just reply to me if have any question. 

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Motor, Machinery
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Cycloidal


Customized Request


How to Choose the Right Gearbox for Your Machinery

Selecting the appropriate gearbox for your machinery involves careful consideration of several key factors. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Identify Application Requirements: Understand the specific requirements of your machinery, including torque, speed, load, direction of rotation, and duty cycle.
  2. Choose Gear Type: Determine the type of gears that best suit your needs, such as spur, helical, bevel, planetary, or others, based on factors like efficiency, noise level, and space constraints.
  3. Calculate Gear Ratio: Calculate the required gear ratio to achieve the desired output speed and torque. Consider factors like input and output shaft speeds.
  4. Select Gear Material: Choose appropriate gear materials based on factors like durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Common materials include steel, cast iron, and various alloys.
  5. Consider Efficiency: Evaluate the gearbox’s efficiency and select one that meets your energy efficiency requirements.
  6. Account for Load Conditions: Analyze the load conditions, such as constant or intermittent loads, shock loads, and starting and stopping frequencies.
  7. Check Lubrication Requirements: Consider the lubrication needs of the gearbox and ensure proper lubrication for smooth operation and longevity.
  8. Factor in Space Constraints: Consider the available space for installing the gearbox and choose a size that fits within your machinery.
  9. Assess Environmental Conditions: Evaluate the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to dust or corrosive substances.
  10. Review Mounting Options: Determine the mounting options that work best for your machinery, such as foot-mounted, flange-mounted, or shaft-mounted gearboxes.
  11. Consult with Experts: Seek advice from gearbox manufacturers or engineers to ensure you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right gearbox is crucial for achieving optimal machinery performance, longevity, and reliability.

China manufacturer CZPT Arrow Professional High Torque Gearbox of Twin Screw Extruder Machine for Plastic and Rubber Industry   manufacturer China manufacturer CZPT Arrow Professional High Torque Gearbox of Twin Screw Extruder Machine for Plastic and Rubber Industry   manufacturer
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China factory High Quality Gearbox for Extruder Machine for Plastic Film Extruder LDPE Machine gearbox definition

Product Description

Middle Torque Twin Screw Gearbox For Extruder Machine



Twin Screw Gearbox Features

— High Speed
—Triaxiality parallel design improve B axis bearing capacity.
—Simple manufacture and convenient assemply.Lower the cost.
—Modular structure design achieve 2 kinds of gearbox torque grade.


Twin Screw Gearbox Introduction


Twin Screw Gearbox adopting latest standard ISO1328,the precision of cylindrical gear of spherical involute, and combining our long term experience and specialty of twin-screw extruders, TDSN gearboxes are meticulously designed with top advanced designing ideas in the world for co-orientated rotating twin-screw extruders, with entirely independent Intellectual Property Rights.
The gears are made of carburizing steel of high-strength alloy of good quality by carburizing and quenching for teeth, of which all the gear grinding processes are finished by imported gear grinding machines. Gear parameters are optimized and specially designed for the characteristics of twin screw extruders, reducing stress concentration on root of gear and improving gear surface conditions. We have improved gear intension of flexural fatigue, fatigue strength and ratio of wide diameter. We have also adopted the latest designing idea and technology of heating treatment for the structure of gears, thereby ensured gears from uniformity of precision and strength.



TDSN Gearbox Power&Torque Table
Model RPM(r/min) Power(kw) Torque Grade(T/A3) CD(mm)
TDSN-40 500 30 6.98 34.5
600 37 7.17
TDSN-50 500 55 7.08 42
600 75 8.06
TDSN-52 500 55 7.09 43
600 75 8.06
TDSN-65 500 90 6.11 52
600 110 6.23
TDSN-75 500 132 5.84 60
600 160 5.89
TDSN-95 500 315 6.34 78
600 350 5.87
TDSN-110 500 500 6.13 92
600 600 6.13
TDSN-125 500 600 5.73 100
600 710 5.65
TDSN-135 500 800 5.74 110
600 1000 5.98



Production Process






Select high quality and hardness of ductile iron material.



Rough Machining


Mang sets of rough machining equipment,such as Gantry-type milling,Radial drill,etc.Realized the blank shape and the inner hole of rough maching.



Finish Machining


Many sets of finishing equipment,such as CNC Grinding Machine,NC Boring Machine,etc.Further processing of each working procedure,the accuracy is higher,only you.



Strong assembly and R&D team,the parts will be assembled according to the drawing,step by step audit,by running test after product finished.




Gearbox Inspection

High-end testing equipment and instruments,processional inspection team,the gearbox shape,center distance,inner hole and into the next procedure,after inspection and correct.






Before leaving the factory,in addition to anti-rust paint,white paint will also be made(color number can also be provided).
Export standard packing,packaging,use at the bottom of the fixed plate,ensure that the peoduct does not shift in transit.


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All ZT keep pay attention to every step of the details,We are looking CZPT to the forge ahead together with you!





Packing Details: According to your order quantity packaging,shipping wooden boxes,air carton.

Delivery Details: 5-40days after order.


1.Rust-proof oil processing,

   Prevent rust in transit.

2.Oiled paper packages,

   Prevent oil dry.

3.Bubble wrap package,

   Prevent collosions.

4.Special foam packaging. 5.Packing 6.Sealing






How long does it take to get my products since I paid for them?

—According to yout order quantity,we will give you a reasonable delivery date.


Can I get the warranty of 1 year for free?

—If you need the warranty,you should pay for it.If not,do not worry ,we have confidence in our products.


How is your after-sale service?

—You will get our help in time as long as you find something wrong about our produces.Believe us,you deserve the best.


How long will your product last?

—I am sorry that I can not accurately answer your question,which is quite different from your operation time,materials and materials.


Application: Machinery, Extrusion
Function: Speed Reduction
Layout: Double Drive Gearbox
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step


Customized Request


Types of Vehicle Gearboxes

In a vehicle, there are many types of gearboxes available. There are planetary gearboxes, Coaxial helical gearboxes, and skew bevel helical gearboxes, among others. In this article, we’ll cover all of them and help you determine which type of gearbox would be right for your vehicle. Also, we’ll discuss how each differs from the others.

planetary gearbox

A planetary gearbox is composed of three main components: a sun gear, an input bevel gear, and an output shaft. A planetary gearbox can have different output torques and ratios. The basic model of a planetary gearbox is highly efficient and transmits 97% of the power input. There are several kinds of planetary gearboxes, depending on the type of operation. In general, there are three types: the simple, the intermediate, and the complex.
The price of a planetary gearbox can vary a lot, and it’s important to know what you’ll need. Different manufacturers produce different planetary gearboxes, so check with a manufacturer to see what they have available. Make sure to check the quality of the planetary gearbox before making a final purchase. In addition, be sure to compare the prices and the availability of a particular product. A quality planetary gearbox will provide years of trouble-free operation and will not break your bank.
Planetary gears feature an integer number of teeth. Each planet has teeth that must mesh with its ring or sun. The number of planets, ring, and tooth count of each gear determine whether the teeth mesh. Some planets have fewer teeth than others, so they mesh better than others. However, compound planets can be more flexible and achieve higher reduction ratios. If you’re looking for a planetary gearbox for your next project, consider getting in touch with a manufacturer who specializes in this technology.
When it comes to construction, a planetary gearbox is no exception. It’s extremely important to choose the right planetary gear for your application, because an imbalance in the planet gear can cause increased wear and failure. Moreover, the compact size of a planetary gear ensures maximum heat dissipation. However, a planetary gear box may require cooling in some applications. A planetary gearbox will make your life easier, and it will give you years of trouble-free operation.

Straight bevel helical gearbox

The Straight bevel helical gearbox has a number of advantages, but it has a relatively short manufacturing process. Its most popular application is in the automotive industry, where it is used in many types of vehicles. Other applications include heavy and light equipment and the aviation and marine industries. Below is a brief introduction to this gearbox type. Read on to learn about its benefits. This type of gearbox is one of the easiest to manufacture.
The spiral bevel gear has larger teeth than straight bevel gears, resulting in a smoother, quieter rotation. It can handle high-speed heavy loads with less vibration. Spiral bevel gears are classified by their tooth form and cutting method. Straight bevel gears are easier to design and manufacture, but spiral bevel gears are more expensive. Both designs are suitable for high-speed, heavy-load operations, and general manufacturing applications.
In addition to being easy to install, the modular bevel gears have many advantages. They have an exceptionally high degree of interchangeability and feature the highest standards of component integrity. They can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The advantages of this gearbox type include high precision, optimum performance, and low noise. And because they are modular, they can be produced in a variety of finishes. These include stainless steel, titanium, and bronze.
Straight bevel helical gearbox manufacturers are committed to a high degree of precision in their designs. The radii, torques, and tooth profiles of straight bevel gears are more precisely measured than those of cylindrical bevel gears. The same calculations are used for all traditional bevel gear generators. This ensures that your 5-axis milled bevel gear sets have the same calculations and layout.

Coaxial helical gearbox

The Coaxial helical gearbox is a highly efficient transmission system that is well suited for light-duty applications. Compared to spur-type gearboxes, the real pitch of a Coaxial helical gearbox is low at all helix angles. This is because the coaxial type has the same number of teeth and center gap as the spur gearbox. Coaxial helical gearboxes also have a smaller footprint and are compact.
Several nations have implemented lockdown regulations for Industrial Gearbox trade, threatening the global economy. Several factors have been implicated in COVID-19, including supply chain, market, and financial markets. Experts are monitoring the situation globally and project remunerative prospects for gearbox manufacturers after the crisis. This report depicts the latest scenario and offers a comprehensive analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the entire industry.
This Coaxial helical gearbox features a compact structure and high precision gear. Its three-stage design combines two-stage gears with a single-stage gear, forging high-quality alloy steel for high precision and durability. The gears are serially-designed for easy interchangeability. They are also available in high-frequency heat-treated steel. A Coaxial helical gearbox is the perfect solution for many applications.
Coaxial helical gearboxes have the added benefit of using cylindrical gears instead of shafts. They operate quietly, and have more surface area to interact with. Their fixed angles make them suitable for heavy-duty applications, like in conveyors, coolers, and grinders. Compared to other gearbox types, Helical gearboxes have higher power-carrying capacity. Listed below are the benefits of a Coaxial Helical Gearbox

Skew bevel helical gearbox

A Skew bevel helical gear box is a common type of industrial gearbox. These gearboxes are rigid and compact and can be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as grinding mills, conveyors, and coolers. They are used in many applications to provide rotary motions between non-parallel shafts. They also have the added benefit of high-efficiency in a variety of industries.
Skew bevel helical gear boxes are suitable for heavy loads and are monolithic in construction. This type of gearbox combines the benefits of bevel and helical gears for right-angle torque, which makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty applications. In addition to being a robust and reliable gearbox, these gearboxes are highly customizable and can meet almost any industrial need.
To maximize the efficiency of bevel gears, FE-based tooth contact analysis is used to develop a sophisticated geometry optimization algorithm. The software also allows users to define optimal flank topography by introducing application-specific weightings for specific load levels. With this data, a manufacturing simulation is conducted to determine the best variant. A robust variant combines the benefits of efficiency, load-carrying capacity, and low excitation behavior.
The helical gear can be angled at 90 degrees. This is similar to a spur gear but produces less noise. It can achieve a nine-to-one speed reduction with one stage. However, a helical gear requires a larger driver gear for higher reductions. This gearbox is suitable for speeds from 1:1 to three times. They are often used in the manufacture of motors and generators.

Extruder helical gearbox

An extruder helical gearbox is one of the most common industrial gears. It is compact in size and low-power consuming, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Extruder helical gearboxes are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including cement, plastics, rubber, conveyors, and coolers. In addition to its use in plastics and rubber manufacturing, this gearbox is also useful in other low-power applications such as crushers, coolers, and conveyors.
CZPT SG series Extruder Helical Gearboxes are available in Single Screw and Twin Screw Variations. These gears feature a compact design, high power density, and long service life. Axial bearing housing and thrust bearings are mounted on the input shafts. Extruder helical gearboxes can be installed in various positions, including horizontal, vertical, and inclined.
Helicoidal gears are often produced in a modular manner. This design provides multiple benefits, including engineering and performance advantages, modular production, and the highest level of component integrity. A single helical gearbox can be assembled into a larger gearbox if needed, but modular production ensures consistent performance and economy. This modular design is also cost-effective. It is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.
In addition to its efficiencies, Extruder helical gearboxes also have a low noise profile. They have no squeal sounds, and they are silent when running. They can transfer more power than conventional gearboxes. This type of gear has been used in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products for years. They are often used for applications in automotive transmissions. Aside from being quiet, helical gears have higher contact levels and lower vibration.

China factory High Quality Gearbox for Extruder Machine for Plastic Film Extruder LDPE Machine   gearbox definition		China factory High Quality Gearbox for Extruder Machine for Plastic Film Extruder LDPE Machine   gearbox definition
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China Professional SZ45 SZ serious gearbox reducer for conical twin plastic extruder machine with Hot selling

Warranty: 1 year
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: 1972-13130 Nm
Input Speed: 600-1500RPM
Output Speed: 30-188RPM
Product name: SZ gearbox
Certificate: ISO9001 CE
Color:: Customized
SZ gearbox model: SZ45
Extruder gearbox: SZ extruder reducer
Application01: Extruder SZ gearbox reducer
Application 02: Conical twin extruding molding machine
Material: High Strength Alloy Steel
Packaging Details: SZ gearbox 1. Covered by HDPE LDPE film 2. Safty wooden box
Port: HangZhou or ZheJiang for SZ gearbox

WHY CHOOSE US?!1.JAIHO only supply competitive advantage products.2.Full refund or Free replacement incase of bad quality or late delivery!3.JAIHO are focus on service for solution, not only supply screw barrel parts.4.Quality is our culture, with us your money in safe your business in safe!!!5.JAIHO is the 2018 year the most welcomed Alibaba gold supplier!!!Please you can check our factory video from Facebook or Youtube as below link(100% original):Facebook: /jaihogroup.com.cnYoutube: https://youtu.be/jFI8SeAqZBE
ZLYJ gearbox series are transmission devices, which are specially designed for single-screw extruder with high precision, hard gear surface, accompany with thrust. Adopting the technical specifications stipulated in JB/T9050. 1-1999, all ZLYJ gearboxes are designed accordingly.
ZLYJ& SZ series gearbox reducer for plastic and rubber extruder machine
Products Show Machine PartsName: High Quality ZLYJ gearboxBrand:Jai HoOriginal: ChinaGear material: high alloy steel low carbon (20CrMnTi)
The interface is hardened, precision-ground and hard-chrome-plated to 870HV hardness and Ra 0.8-1.6µm roughness, so the shaft-seal is super hard, resists wear and corrosion, and very durable.
Main FeaturesMade of carburizing steel (Forging), go through normalization heat treatment for forged carburizing steel; and gear faces are also nitride-treated to at least 60HRC hardness for optimal rigidity and carburizing depth 0.8-1.1MM and wear resistance.
Single Screw Extruder GearboxOur ZLYJ gearbox for single screw extruder adopts high strength alloy steel material and the gear is of high accuracy. It is less noisy, work quietly and smoothly. So it is a longer service life.
Gearbox casting body1. we prepare enough casting body in our workshop to guarantee the delivery time.
2. this is our new gearbox casting body design.
3. fast delivery time and high quality
Heat treatment furnaceWe have own heat treatment for the gears and gearshaft, elastic spider CZPT flexible jaw coupling so it’s easy for us to control the quality and the quality is more gurantee.
Gearbox with Extra cooler and oil pump1. we have the Plate Cooler which makes the oil cooling speed more faster and more efficient.2. We have the good quality Oil pump, which makes the gearbox life time more longer.3.the material of cooling tube is pure bronze ZLYJ Gearbox SizeZLYJ series gearbox for single- screw plastic extruderNo.gearbox modelRatio rangerecommend screw diameter/mm recommend power/HPrating load torque/N.msize(L*W*H)/mmneight weight/KG1ZLYJ1338/12.5/16/2035/45/506~15764478*170*2601442ZLYJ14610/12.5/16/2045/5510~201165560*250*3257153ZLYJ17310/16/2055/6515~301962576*256*3457164ZLYJ1806515~457164650*256*40 0571 5ZLYJ20012.5/16/2065/7530~6 0571 3750*340*48 0571 6ZLYJ22512.5/16/209040~755334800*360*5006507ZLYJ25016/12.5/2571050~1006306930*380*5608158ZLYJ28016/12.5/25715/11075~1227643970*410*6571209ZLYJ31516/12.5/20125710~175118221160*450*700141571ZLYJ33016/12.5/20150/160150~217210001160*450*700152011ZLYJ37516/12.5/20150/165717~312210961280*466*800180012ZLYJ42016/12.5/20150/165272~428254781420*550*920180013ZLYJ45016/12.5/20165380~544338851550*1200*100 0571 0Good raw material1. ZLYJ gearbox of 112-146 is Natural cooling, 173-250 is Coil cooling, 225-250 is Cooler Cooling with pump. the material of cooling tube is pure bronze.( with cooling tower or not)2. The whole gear material is cast iron, Gear material: high alloy steel low carbon (20CrMnTi), surface is carburized case upto 0.7-1.1mm,surface hardness is HRC58-64, accuracy of gear is GB10095-88-5 standarded. gear craft is (gear grinding)3. Our bearing is Tapered Roller Bearings( china top brand CZPT gearbox oil seal)4. There are several normal ratio: 8,10,12.5,16,20, depends on customers requirements.5. Various seal form and perfect oil leak-proof function.(ZheJiang NAK brand gearbox oil seal)
Our Company Our Service * Supply high quality ban heater, single & twin screw barrel ZLYJ gearbox , SZ gearbox line .
* One year guarantee with inspection report & raw material MTC to customer.
Factory workshopAdvanced CNC milling machine. 5 enginners and 50 professional worker team. 24h online service waiting to serve for you.
Twin Screw ExtruderWe have rich experience in making single & twin screw barrel, gearbox , plastic Single & twin screw extruder.
1.Your inquiry will be replied within 12 hours.
2.Welcome drafts, we can do customized gearboxes.
3. We could supply spare parts of the gearboxes
FAQ1. Q: How about JAIHO? R:10 years experienced, Germany Technical invested since 2002, leading screw barrel manufacturer in China.2. Q:What’ Top Quality Drive Shaft For Mf Tractor With Great Price Made By Whachinebrothers Ltd s CZPT capacity? R:Passed ISO 9001:2008, Our workshop 12000SQM, 5 Engineer team, 50 good experienced employee, All CNC computer control screw processing, 1000sets screw barrel capacity per month.3. Q:What’s the delivery time of HDPE LDPE FILM RECYCLING PELLETIZING SCREW BARREL? R:for regular size, we have finished stock and semi-finished stock, 2weeks max enough for customized, normally 3~4weeks.4.Q:How about CZPT screw barrel quality and price? R:Germany Technical invested, Good quality in China with competitive price and globle after-sale service5. Q:How to make sure the screw suitable for my extruder? R:Let’s know what size you want and we can check it with our drawing.We have lots of BEX,KMD,CMT,AMUT, Weber,Haitian,ChenHsong,ChenDe,Tedric,JSW, ect. If your extruder is made in China,it’s easy to get the original drawing.Any way,Our engineer can measure in your factory, his English is good,so cost is saved.6.Q:Where is CZPT factory and how to reach there? R:At Xihu (West Lake) Dis., HangZhou City, 1000 w 2000 watt raycus metal sheet fiber laser CZPT lf3015ln CZPT laser engraver and cutter 1500W 1KW 1.5KW 2KW ZHangZhoug Province. It’s near ZheJiang City and HangZhou City,If you want to visit us,we can pick up you there.

What Is a Gearbox?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a gearbox. Backlash, for example, is a consideration, as it is the angle at which the output shaft can rotate without the input shaft moving. While this isn’t necessary in applications without load reversals, it is important for precision applications involving load reversals. Examples of these applications include automation and robotics. If backlash is a concern, you may want to look at other factors, such as the number of teeth in each gear.

Function of a gearbox

A gearbox is a mechanical unit that consists of a chain or set of gears. The gears are mounted on a shaft and are supported by rolling element bearings. These devices alter the speed or torque of the machine they are used in. Gearboxes can be used for a wide variety of applications. Here are some examples of how gearboxes function. Read on to discover more about the gears that make up a gearbox.
Regardless of the type of transmission, most gearboxes are equipped with a secondary gear and a primary one. While the gear ratios are the same for both the primary and secondary transmission, the gearboxes may differ in size and efficiency. High-performance racing cars typically employ a gearbox with two green and one blue gear. Gearboxes are often mounted in the front or rear of the engine.
The primary function of a gearbox is to transfer torque from one shaft to another. The ratio of the driving gear’s teeth to the receiving member determines how much torque is transmitted. A large gear ratio will cause the main shaft to revolve at a slower speed and have a high torque compared to its counter shaft. Conversely, a low gear ratio will allow the vehicle to turn at a lower speed and produce a lower torque.
A conventional gearbox has input and output gears. The countershaft is connected to a universal shaft. The input and output gears are arranged to match the speed and torque of each other. The gear ratio determines how fast a car can go and how much torque it can generate. Most conventional transmissions use four gear ratios, with one reverse gear. Some have two shafts and three inputs. However, if the gear ratios are high, the engine will experience a loss of torque.
In the study of gearbox performance, a large amount of data has been collected. A highly ambitious segmentation process has yielded nearly 20,000 feature vectors. These results are the most detailed and comprehensive of all the available data. This research has a dual curse – the first is the large volume of data collected for the purpose of characterization, while the second is the high dimensionality. The latter is a complication that arises when the experimental gearbox is not designed to perform well.


The main function of a gearhead is to multiply a moment of force and create a mechanical advantage. However, backlash can cause a variety of issues for the system, including impaired positioning accuracy and lowered overall performance. A zero backlash gearbox can eliminate motion losses caused by backlash and improve overall system performance. Here are some common problems associated with backlash in gearheads and how to fix them. After you understand how to fix gearbox backlash, you’ll be able to design a machine that meets your requirements.
To reduce gearbox backlash, many designers try to decrease the center distance of the gears. This eliminates space for lubrication and promotes excessive tooth mesh, which leads to premature mesh failure. To minimize gearbox backlash, a gear manufacturer may separate the two parts of the gear and adjust the mesh center distance between them. To do this, rotate one gear with respect to the fixed gear, while adjusting the other gear’s effective tooth thickness.
Several manufacturing processes may introduce errors, and reducing tooth thickness will minimize this error. Gears with bevel teeth are a prime example of this. This type of gear features a small number of teeth in comparison to its mating gear. In addition to reducing tooth thickness, bevel gears also reduce backlash. While bevel gears have fewer teeth than their mating gear, all of their backlash allowance is applied to the larger gear.
A gear’s backlash can affect the efficiency of a gearbox. In an ideal gear, the backlash is zero. But if there is too much, backlash can cause damage to the gears and cause it to malfunction. Therefore, the goal of gearbox backlash is to minimize this problem. However, this may require the use of a micrometer. To determine how much gearbox backlash you need, you can use a dial gauge or feeler gauge.
If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce backlash, a gearbox’s backlash may be the answer. However, backlash is not a revolt against the manufacturer. It is an error in motion that occurs naturally in gear systems that change direction. If it is left unaccounted for, it can lead to major gear degradation and even compromise the entire system. In this article, we’ll explain how backlash affects gears and how it affects the performance of a gearbox.


The design of gearboxes consists of a variety of factors, including the type of material used, power requirements, speed and reduction ratio, and the application for which the unit is intended. The process of designing a gearbox usually begins with a description of the machine or gearbox and its intended use. Other key parameters to consider during gearbox design include the size and weight of the gear, its overall gear ratio and number of reductions, as well as the lubrication methods used.
During the design process, the customer and supplier will participate in various design reviews. These include concept or initial design review, manufacturing design validation, critical design review, and final design review. The customer may also initiate the process by initiating a DFMEA. After receiving the initial design approval, the design will go through several iterations before the finalized design is frozen. In some cases, the customer will require a DFMEA of the gearbox.
The speed increaser gearboxes also require special design considerations. These gearboxes typically operate at high speeds, causing problems with gear dynamics. Furthermore, the high speeds of the unit increase frictional and drag forces. A proper design of this component should minimize the effect of these forces. To solve these problems, a gearbox should incorporate a brake system. In some cases, an external force may also increase frictional forces.
Various types of gear arrangements are used in gearboxes. The design of the teeth of the gears plays a significant role in defining the type of gear arrangement in the gearbox. Spur gear is an example of a gear arrangement, which has teeth that run parallel to the axis of rotation. These gears offer high gear ratios and are often used in multiple stages. So, it is possible to create a gearbox that meets the needs of your application.
The design of gearboxes is the most complex process in the engineering process. These complex devices are made of multiple types of gears and are mounted on shafts. They are supported by rolling element bearings and are used for a variety of applications. In general, a gearbox is used to reduce speed and torque and change direction. Gearboxes are commonly used in motor vehicles, but can also be found in pedal bicycles and fixed machines.


There are several major segments in the gearbox market, including industrial, mining, and automotive. Gearbox manufacturers are required to understand the application and user industries to design a gearbox that meets their specific requirements. Basic knowledge of metallurgy is necessary. Multinational companies also provide gearbox solutions for the power generation industry, shipping industry, and automotive industries. To make their products more competitive, they need to focus on product innovation, geographical expansion, and customer retention.
The CZPT Group started as a small company in 1976. Since then, it has become a global reference in mechanical transmissions. Its production range includes gears, reduction gearboxes, and geared motors. The company was the first in Italy to achieve ISO certification, and it continues to grow into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of production gearboxes. As the industry evolves, CZPT focuses on research and development to create better products.
The agriculture industry uses gearboxes to implement a variety of processes. They are used in tractors, pumps, and agricultural machinery. The automotive industry uses gears in automobiles, but they are also found in mining and tea processing machinery. Industrial gearboxes also play an important role in feed and speed drives. The gearbox industry has a diverse portfolio of manufacturers and suppliers. Here are some examples of gearboxes:
Gearboxes are complex pieces of equipment. They must be used properly to optimize efficiency and extend their lifespan. Manufacturers employ advanced technology and strict quality control processes to ensure their products meet the highest standards. In addition to manufacturing precision and reliability, gearbox manufacturers ensure that their products are safe for use in the production of industrial machinery. They are also used in office machines and medical equipment. However, the automotive gearbox market is becoming increasingly competitive.

China Professional SZ45 SZ serious gearbox reducer for conical twin plastic extruder machine  with Hot sellingChina Professional SZ45 SZ serious gearbox reducer for conical twin plastic extruder machine  with Hot selling

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We are aiming to satisfy the calls for of the customers all around the world.. We have exported our merchandise to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states of america, Canada, and many others. Our technicians and engineers have 23 several years of Expertise in the Bearing Market. Plastic ExtruEPTTEPTT

Product Overview

All sorts of SJZ and SJP extruders that our company types eEPTTly for generating the PVC pipe and profile, our extruders can assure a great plasticization, substantial ability and EPTT electric manage, and the EPTT cupboard can be decided on by consumer in accordance to their personal calls for.

Screw For Extruder
Heat therapy: Nitrited Bimetallic
Hardness: HV740-940
Popular manufacturer: EPTTHAILUO
Screw Barrel
Heat treatment: Nitrited,Bimetallic
Hardness: HV940-1100
Well-known model: EPTTHAILUO

SJZ Collection Counter Conical Twin-Screw Extruder
For manufacturing of PVC pipe, profile, Sheet and plate.

For pipe Extrusion

CEPTTr Height
Excess weight
SJZ45/one hundred forty five fifteen/eighteen.5 110 1050 3000 3.three*1.2*two.1
SJZ50/one zero five 45 eighteen.5/22 one hundred twenty five 1050 3000 three.six*1.1*2.1
SJZ55/110 45 22/thirty 180 1050 3500 three.six*one.one*2.one
SJZ65/132 forty five 37 380 1050 4000 four.two*1.5*2.4
SJZ80/156 34.7 55 five hundred 1050 5500 4.7*one.5*2.4
SJZ80/173 37.6 seventy five 680 1050 6000 three.9*1.6*two.five
SJZ92/188 34.seven a hundred and ten 800 1100 8000 6*one.six*2.five
SJZ110/220 34.seven one hundred sixty 1400 1100 9000 6.five*one.6*2.5

For Profile Extrusion

CEPTTr Height
SJZ45/one hundred 34.7 15 60-eighty 1050 2500 three.3*one.two*2.one
SJZ51/one hundred and five 34.7 eighteen.5 eighty-a hundred and twenty 1050 3000 3.six*one.one*two.one
SJZ55/110 34.seven 22 a hundred-150 1050 3500 3.six*one.one*2.1
SJZ65/132 34.7 37/thirty 180-250 1050 4000 4.two*1.five*2.4
SJZ80/156 34.seven 55 300-400 1050 5500 4.7*one.five*2.four
SJZ80/173 34.seven 75 five hundred-600 1050 6000 three.9*1.six*2.five
SJZ92/188 34.7 one hundred ten 600-800 1100 8000 six*1.six*two.5
SJZ110/220 34.seven one hundred sixty 1200-1400 1100 10000 6.5*1.six*two.5

Counter PXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.lel Twin Screw Extruder

For manufacturing of PVC pipe,

L/D Ratio Potential
SJP75/28 forty five 45 28:1 220-350 1050 4100
SJP93/28/31 45 seventy five 28:one/31:1 380-460 1050 4700
SJP110/31 forty five a hundred and ten 31:1 680 1050 6500
SJP120/31/26 forty five 132 31:one 850 1050 7500
SJP135/31 forty five 160 31:1 1100 1050 8400

For creation of Profile

L/D Ratio Ability
SJP75/28 36 37 28:one 240 1050 4100
SJP93/28/31 36 55 28:one/31:1 350 1050 4700
SJP110/28 35.8 seventy five 28:1 460 1050 6500
SJP120/26 34.three a hundred and ten 26:one 550 1050 7500
SJP130/26 34.3 132 26:1 680 1050 8400

JWT Sequence Co-rotating Conical Twin-Screw Extruder
For generation of PVC tough materials and a variety of cables palletizing.

Overall EPTT(KW) Excess weight
JWT67/134 five-58 forty five 500-seven-hundred one hundred ten 1800

Single Screw ExtruEPTTfor EPTTPE Pipe

It is widely employed in the spot of water source and gas provide. Feeding EPTT is grooved structure with temperature controller, and straightforward to get high potential and stable extrusion. With EPTT BM screw composition, it is able to divide the EPTTPE materials from strong to liquid.

High Successful 38 Sequence

L/D Ratio EPTT
60*40 sixty five 40 90 360 1000
75*38 seventy five 38 132 600 one thousand
ninety*38 90 38 250 900 1150
a hundred and twenty*38 a hundred and twenty 38 315 1300 1300

Traditional 33 Series

L/D Ratio EPTT
JWS45/33 forty five 33 eighteen.5/22/thirty sixty-a hundred a thousand
JWS65/33 65 33 45/seventy five/90 100-250 a thousand
JWS75/33 75 33 one hundred ten/132 250-350 a thousand
JWS90/33 ninety 33 160/185 450-550 1150
JWS120/33 120 33 280/315 seven-hundred-900 1300
JWS150/33 150 33 355/400 one thousand-1300 1300

By employing the new variety barrier screw layout, this extruEPTThas a large extrusion potential in high RPM with the reduced strength consumption, and this extruEPTTcan achieve a great miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng influence in the lower temperature, and this extruEPTTcan management the material shearing to get the best and even melt temperature, so that the ripple mark in the inner wall of the massive diameter pipe can be averted.

One Screw ExtruEPTTfor EPTTPE Pipe

This model of equipment largely employed to extrude profile, the composition and sort of screws and barrels vary a great deal, and the screws and barrels are processed precisily which can gurantee a good plasticization, substantial ability and can meet up with distinct customer’s requirements, the EPTT controling components are equiped in higher course which made it safe to work.Appropriate for PVCPCABS Profile.

L/D Ratio EPTT
JWS45 forty five twenty five/28 eleven/fifteen/18.5 ten-a hundred a thousand Computer/Stomach muscles/Personal computer
JWS65 65 twenty five/28 18.five/22/thirty ten-100 a thousand PVC/Computer/Abdominal muscles
JWS75 seventy five twenty five/28 37 10-one hundred a thousand PVC/Computer/Abdominal muscles
JWS80 80 28/30 37 ten-90 1000 PP/Abs/Personal computer
JWS90 28 28/30 forty five ten-90 a thousand PP/Abdominal muscles/PS
JWS120 120 28/thirty 75 10-90 a thousand Personal computer/Abdominal muscles

PVC PVG Conveyer Belt EPTT Extruder

In orEPTTto the customer’s technics necessity for the conveter belt,EPTT effectively deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.s serials conveyer belt include extruEPTTand relation mould,it can be molding for the pvc belt’s surface area,modify the thickness of the include,leave out the other people.This extruEPTTinstall on the still left and correct,have great plastic,substantial output,low EPTT and the large style for the create technique.

L/D Ratio Pace
JWS90/30 ninety thirty 10-forty five 150 1200 4 3650*2520*2100
JWS120/28 120 28 10-45 three hundred 1200 5 4500*2520*2200
JWS150/28 150 28 10-forty five four hundred 1200 six.5 5500*2520*2300

PS Pc Digital NEPTT Band Extruder

PS/Laptop nEPTT EPTT is a king of EPTT goods, mainly for the IC, resistance, inductance, capacitance, connectors, fuses,switches and other electronice elements of the EPTT. This merchandise is currently PS and Pc for a few layers of composite extrusion.

L/D Ratio EPTT
JWS45 forty five 28 eleven ten-seventy five 10–75 a thousand
JWS35 35 28 seven.5 10-seventy five ten–seventy five a thousand

All varieties of co-extrusion EPTT

In orEPTTto meet up with the genuine requirements of a variety of clients, EPTT can supply all types of makes use of co-extrusion EPTT, used for profile pre and right after Co-extrusion, or wooden plastic items floor coating, mark line for pipes in accordance to clients[ EPTT needs, EPTT design and style customized-produced.
For Pipe Mark Line

L/D Ratio Pace
Barrel Heating(KW) Ability
JWS25/25A twenty five twenty five one–fifteen .seventy five three three 1100 plusmn50
JWS25/25B twenty five twenty five 1-50 one.50 3 8 1100 plusmn50
JWS30/28 thirty 28 1-fifty three three.6 ten 1100 plusmn100

For Profile Co-Extrusion

L/D Ratio Pace
Barrel Heating(KW) Capability
JWS30/twenty five thirty 25 1-60 3–four 3 eight–ten 800-1200 adjustable
JWS35/25 35 twenty five one-fifty four–five.5 6.nine 10–12 800-1200 adjustable
JWS45/25 45 25 one-fifty eight five.5–seven.5 9 20–25 1100 plusmn100
JWS50/twenty five 50 twenty five/28 one-58 eleven–15 10 25–35 1100 plusmn100
JWS65/twenty five 65 twenty five/28 one-eighty 15–22 12 35–40 1100 plusmn100
SJZ35/seventy five 35/75 22.97 1-39 11 9 35–forty Adjustable

Spinning Extruder

JWM collection extruders are employed for melt spining of PET, PA6, PA66, PP chips.
The LTM created in screw, and the melt good quality is greater. The precision of screw and barrel is greater after expert proce
ssing. And equiped higher precision EPTTl-tooth EPTT box, working steadiness, least expensive noise. assemble sturdy thrust bearing. in ord to guarantee bearing enormous axle EPTT. and be capable to decide on to equip EPTTed large speed bearing and seal components.

L/D Ratio Capacity
Heating EPTT
Heating Zone Heating Voltage CEPTTr HeigEPTT mm Weight
JWM45/25 forty five 25 38 twenty-ninety fifteen–twenty five seven.five eight three 220 340 1
JWM65/25 sixty five 25 78 twenty-ninety 15–twenty five 18.5 16 5 220 340 1.three
JWM80/25 80 25 115 twenty-eighty fifteen–25 37 27 5 220 510 1.8
JWM90/twenty five 90 25 196 twenty-eighty 15–25 45 32 5 220 510 2
JWM105/25 a hundred and five twenty five 295 20-70 fifteen–twenty five 55 forty five five 220 610 three
JWM120/25 one hundred twenty twenty five 390 20-sixty 15–twenty five 75 54 six 220 660 three.5
JWM135/25 one hundred thirty five 25 535 20-sixty fifteen–twenty five ninety sixty three 6 220 660 4.two
JWM150/25 a hundred and fifty 25 652 twenty-60 fifteen–25 a hundred and ten seventy six.five six 380 710 five
JWM160/twenty five 160 twenty five 705 twenty-60 fifteen–twenty five 132 eighty five.5 6 380 710 6
JWM170/twenty five a hundred and seventy twenty five 850 20-60 fifteen–twenty five a hundred and sixty 103.five six 380 720 8
JWM180/25 a hundred and eighty twenty five 972 twenty-sixty 15–twenty five 185 one hundred ten 7 380 800 ten
JWM200/25 one hundred ninety 25 1050 twenty-sixty 15–twenty five two hundred a hundred and fifty seven 380 one thousand 12

PP Non-woven Materials Extruder

JWM sequence Non-woven fabrics ExtruEPTTare EPTTized in PP Non-woven materials manufacturing. Generally it makes use of two extruders in sequence. the screw L/D of the primary extruEPTTis 30:1, the XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.llary extruEPTTmainly employed for machining leftover content and flot- sam drapery which can be recycled on the line, the L/D is primarily fifteen:one. different types of the extruEPTTmodel for different width Non-woven materials goods.

Screw Diameter mm L/D Ratio Velocity
Heating EPTT
Heating Zone Heating Voltage CEPTTr HeigEPTT mm Bodyweight
135 a hundred thirty five/30 twenty–sixty 75 eighty 6 220 660 4.5 appropriate for 1.6m
a hundred and five one zero five/fifteen 20–eighty 15/eighteen.five 18 4 220 660 2
one hundred fifty 150/30 20–60 a hundred and ten ninety seven 380 710 five.five suited for 2.4m
a hundred and five a hundred and five/fifteen twenty–eighty 15/eighteen.5 18 four 220 710 two
one hundred sixty one hundred sixty/30 20–sixty 132 one hundred seven 380 710 6.five appropriate for two.4m
a hundred and five a hundred and five/15 twenty–eighty 22 eighteen four 220 710 two
a hundred and seventy 170/thirty 20–60 132 one hundred ten 7 380 710 eight.5 appropriate for three.2m
one zero five a hundred and five/fifteen twenty–80 22 eighteen four 220 710 two
a hundred and eighty one hundred eighty/30 twenty–fifty one hundred sixty a hundred and twenty 7 380 720 ten.5 appropriate for 3.2m
one hundred twenty one hundred twenty/fifteen twenty–eighty 30 24 4 220 720 2.five

JWS45/twenty five solitary Screw ExtruEPTTfor Ultra Higher Molecular WeigEPTT EPTTethylene (UHMW-PE)

The extruEPTThas our patEPTTd design for screw and barrel, which can be employed to process much more than one.5 million molecular of the powEPTTmaterial. By conquering very poor circulation ability, EPTT Houses reducing due to straightforward deXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.adation, and many others. The extruEPTTcan have stable output and reliable plasticization in the course of production. Also the extruEPTTequips large effective and power saving driving motor, infrared strength-saving heaters, lowering vitality comsumption.
The extruEPTThas a compact construction, lovely look, tiny room, simple procedure and so forth, can be used to make a assortment of little plates, profiles, rods creation.

Model No. JWS45/twenty five
Screw RPM three–twenty five
Capability(kg/h) three–10
EPTT EPTT(kw) 5.5
Heating EPTT( kw) 9.4

Organization Information

As the vice device of CPMIA, ZheJiang EPTT EPTTry Co., Ltd is one particular of the greatest company of plastic extrusion
EPTTry and chemical fiber spinning tools in EPTT, its head business office is found in thewestern district of
ZheJiang . There are five production bases, which had been positioned in the western districtof ZheJiang , HangEPTT of
EPTT Province, HangEPTT of EPTTngsu and HangEPTT of EPTTngsu, HangEPTT of ZheJiang , absolutely covering
700, 000 sq. meters. It has a lot more than 2600 staffs, about 400 technicians and managing staffs.
Primary products: A variety of plastic pipes extrusion lines incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. huge diameter PE/PVC double wall corrugated
Pipe extrusion line, big diameter PE/PVC reliable wall pipe extrusion line, PP-R/PEX/PE-RT great/scorching water pipe
Extrusion line, PA/PE/PVC solitary wall corrugated pipe extrusion line Numerous plastic profile extrusion traces
Different plastic plate amp sheet extrusion strains Chemical fiber spinning Microcomputer managed computerized blow
Molding EPTTs Plastic auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary recycling lines Numerous solitary amp twin screw and barrel extruders
T die Display screen exchangers Rollers and Robots.

Why us

EPTing Endeavours, Unity and Struggle
Searching for for innovative and functional EPTT, We expand swiftly with the market place craze. Each particular person is a merchandise
Man or woman in generating far better client knowledge. EPTT is the corner stone of our corporate. As we genuinely imagine the
Staffs are the most valuable EPTT, if we take treatment of our staff, so as each individual would just take treatment of the
Consumers. quotBe EPTT quot is the main concept for us to construct an eternal EPTTrprise.

Constant quality, Manufacturers Constructing.

We have held an eye on the good quality for the duration of all techniques given that the delivery or our EPTTrprise. Consistent high quality would
Be the only advantage which we hugely uphold. Each and every merchandise marking EPTT signifies basic safety, steadiness, reliability.

Reducing edge EPTT, Added price products
We have professional planning engineer who identify the market place want effectively. We include benefit to customers’ enterprise
By progressive types and merchandise that will provide aggressive gain more than your rivals.

Able of supreme one quit solution
There are a variety of of items ranges, fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble orEPTTquantity, EPT patterns. Our goods are able of final
A single end remedy for distinct measurements of projects and company. With pre-sale and following-sale help, prompt shipping,
We care the customers’ gratification and benefits.


Q1. Is EPTT EPTTry a Company?
A1: Of course, We own five manufacturing bases and income cEPTTr in ZheJiang , HangEPTT, HangEPTT, EPTT Shan, HangEPTT EPTT.
EPTT produced the initial EPTT screw and barrel in 1978 in model name EPTThailuo. Right after far more than 40 years deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment,
EPTT is one particular of the greatest extrusion EPTT provider in EPTT with 300design amptest engineer, 3000 staff.
EPTT has turn into the premier provider of extrusion lines and dependable enterprise associates. Welcome to fall in us.

Q2: How numerous makes does EPTT EPTTry very own?
A2: EPTT EPTTry owns much more than twenty subsidiaries, EPTT famous brand EPTTHAILUO, EPTT, BKWELL, DEPTT
Are our EPTT Marks.

Q3: If we never locate what we need to have from your site, What need to we do? Do you make extrusion traces as for each
Customers’ certain requirement?

A3: Of course, we can offer bespoke services to buyers with distinct demands. You can send out the in depth
Demands by e-mail. We will check out if we can deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. them. We deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. new EPTTry every month, and
Some of them may not but be up to date on our site.

Q4: How do you make sure your EPTTry and support good quality?
A4: Our EPTTs getting the European stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rds and adhere to the Germany sort of business, we cooperation with
Intercontinental renowned brand names EPTT SchneiEPTTFlenEPTTOmron ABB WEG Falk FUJI and so on. Our organization continuously
EPTTorts above a thousand international initial-class higher precision processing gear this sort of as multistage machining cEPTTrs,
CNC lathes and CNC milling EPTTs from Korea, Japan and so forth. All our procedures strictly adhere to EPTT,
IS09001 and 2008 good quality administration technique. And we have twelve months good quality warranty time. We screening the
EPTT performances before every shipping and delivery. EPTT services engineers will alwaEPTTbe here for anything you required.

Q5: How can I orEPTTand make payments?
A5: As soon as obvious your requirements and deterEPTTd extrusion line is excellent for you. We will send complex solutions and
Proforma Invoice to you. You can pay out through TT financial institution transfer, LC as you like.

Q6: If we uncover your financial institution account or e mail various as prior to, how should we answer?
A6: Make sure you don’t ship the payment and double verify with us ahead of prepare payment (Bank particulars will be listed in
Each and every piece of proforma invoice. ) quot quot.

Q7: How EPTT is the shipping day?
A7: Usually it takes about one – 4 months is dependent on distinct EPTTry upon receipt of orEPTTEPTT payment.

Q8: What is your Bare minimum OrEPTTEPTTtity?
A8: One particular. We supply each EPT extrusion strains and complex solutions. Welcome make contact with with us for technical
EPTT or advancements for your EPTT purchasing strategy.
Q9: What is your manufacturing capability?
A9: We generate far more than 2000 EPTT extrusion traces every single year entire world vast.

A10: What about transport?
Q10: We can ship the modest spare areas by air categorical for urgent make a difference. And the comprehensive production line by sea
To conserve the EPTT. You can possibly use your personal assigned shipping agent or our cooperative EPTTer. The nearest
Port is EPTT ZheJiang , HangEPTT port, which is hassle-free for maritime transportation…

Q11: Is there any pre-after sale services?
A11: Sure, we assistance our enterprise associates by pre-right after sale support. EPTT has much more than three hundred technological testing
Engineers traveling globe vast. Any instances would be responded with prompt solutions. We offer instruction, screening,
Procedure and upkeep service for a life time.

Q12: Are our enterprise amp money protected with EPTT EPTTry?
A12: Indeed, your organization is secure and your money is protected. If you examine EPTT company blacklist, you will see that it is
Not contain our title as we never criminal our client just before.

You should click quotsend quot and Speak to us! !
ZheJiang EPTT EPTTry Co., Ltd.
Include: HangEPTT, HangEPTT, HangEPTT, HangEPTT, ZheJiang of EPTT.
Contact: Mr.Kris EPTT
Mob: 13816527688

Internet: Www. EPTT. Cn
EPTT Co-rotating Conical Twin screw ExtruEPTTfor PVC cable

  in Cordoba Argentina  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Plastic Extruder Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Cordoba Argentina  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Plastic Extruder Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler