China wholesaler 1 to 1 Ratio Grain Transportation Gearbox-2390-0609 bevel gearbox

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Model 2390-0609 Output torque 263Nm
Ratio 1:1 Input speed 540rpm
Rated Power 20HP Output speed 540rpm
Materials HT250 for housing,20CrMnTi for gear Application Grain transportation gearbox for agricultural


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GTM factory is located in ZHangZhoug, China,is a professional agricultural machine gearbox manufacturer.There has a professional team and advanced equipment. CNC workshop, gear hobbing workshop, gear teeth inserting workshop, gear teeth shaving cutters grinding machine, heat-treatment workshop, assembly workshop and automatic spray painting line forms a complete assembly line. 

It produces more than 1,000 kinds of products and supports OEM and ODM.

Including lawn mower series, rotary tiller series, rice harvester series, grain transportation storage series, etc. Has export for numerous country like American, Australia, India, Poland, etc. We work with many CZPT brands like John Deere, Bush Hog, etc. Our annual production is 300,000 units, and our turnover in 2571 is USD 28 million. The export ratio is 80%, and the domestic market is 20%.

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Sherry Chen


Application: Agricultural Machinery
Function: Speed Increase
Layout: Other
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Type: Planetary Gear Box
US$ 80/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Gearbox Maintenance Schedule for Industrial Machinery

Maintaining gearboxes in industrial machinery is crucial to ensure their optimal performance, longevity, and to prevent costly breakdowns. Here’s a recommended maintenance schedule:

  • Daily Checks: Inspect for leaks, unusual noises, and vibrations. Check oil levels and temperatures.
  • Weekly Checks: Monitor oil condition and level. Look for signs of wear, such as metal particles in the oil.
  • Monthly Checks: Inspect seals, gaskets, and connections for any signs of deterioration. Lubricate components as needed.
  • Quarterly Checks: Change gearbox oil and replace filters. Check alignment and perform vibration analysis.
  • Bi-Annual Checks: Perform thorough visual inspections of gears, bearings, and seals. Conduct oil analysis to assess wear and contamination levels.
  • Annual Checks: Perform a complete disassembly, inspection, and cleaning of the gearbox. Replace worn components and bearings. Check gear tooth wear and backlash.

Adhering to this maintenance schedule helps identify potential issues early and allows for timely repairs, reducing downtime and extending the life of your industrial machinery’s gearboxes.

China wholesaler 1 to 1 Ratio Grain Transportation Gearbox-2390-0609   bevel gearbox	China wholesaler 1 to 1 Ratio Grain Transportation Gearbox-2390-0609   bevel gearbox
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